November 1975:  The few members that remained of Winnetonka Baptist Church appealed to Pastor Al Cockrell of Tri-City Baptist Church to assume the church. Tri- City assumed its debts and assigned a staff person, Pastor Mike Alley, to become the Pastor of Tri-City North Baptist Church.  
January 1977:  Pastor Mike Alley resigned and Pastor Al Cockrell assumed the pastoral responsibilities of both ministries. 
August 1979:  Pastor Cockrell hired Pastor Tom Sooter to come from Ohio to be the new Pastor at Tri-City North Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Pastor Sooter the Lord allowed the church to pay off the $150,000 debt to  become autonomous from Tri-City. 
March 8, 1982:  The name Eagle Heights Baptist Church (EHBC) was chosen to reflect the newly autonomous church. The Eagle in scripture is an illustration of the mature Christian rising above the world, the flesh and the Devil in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the goal of the church.  
August 1985:  After selling the property located at 5026 N. Brighton, the church leased and moved its  ministries to the Cooley Elementary School building at 2900 Cates, Avondale, Missouri. During the next seven years the church accumulated the funds, purchased twenty acres of land at 5600 N.  Brighton for the cost of $75,000.00, and finalized the plans for a future  building. 
February 1991:  Ground breaking at 5600 N.Brighton began our church body's journey of faith as it had been voted by the congregation to 'pay-as-you-go' in the erection of this building.  
June 16, 1991:  EHBC celebrated the dedication of the foundation of our new church and  Christian School. I Chron. 29:10-15. 
A report was also given that in just less than five days the new mission  home was roughed in and ready to be finished inside. The mission home was subsequently completed in the next twenty-nine days.  
January 1992:  The parsonage was completed by the men of the church. The men  continue to donate one night per week and one Saturday per month to  work on the building and property. 
July 1992:  We were in the new building. It wasn't completely finished or furnished,  but we were in. School began in August at the new location. 

November 2000:  After the tragic death of Pastor Sooter's wife and one daughter he  resigned his duties as Pastor. Pastor Franseen became the interim. 
February 2001:  With the arrival of Pastor King's family four years earlier, the Lord had providentially prepared our church family. Pastor King had been an itinerant pastor  and church planter, who had settled his family in our Christian school, and continued to help struggling churches in the midwest. Pastor King  accepted the call as Pastor of EHBC. 
May 2004:  Pastor King felt led to return to his itinerant ministry and resigned his duties at EHBC. Pastor Franseen became interim.  
May 2007:  Pastor Robert Franseen was installed as the Senior Pastor. 
August 2009:  Eagle Heights initiated the evangelistic Preschool for 3 and 4 year olds.

Come visit us:
Eagle Heights Christian School
5600 N. Brighton
Kansas City, MO 64119