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Eagle Heights Christian School’s Private Satellite Program (PSP) is designed to partner with homeschool families to enhance the educational opportunities available to their students. Under the umbrella of our registered Private School with the State of Missouri, you will have more freedom and protection for the education of your K-12th grade students.

"The freedom you desire, the support you deserve."

Services Offered

  • Connection with the PSP Coordinator through email, phone calls, or meetings

  • Curriculum and resource counseling

  • Organization of school records

  • Participation with campus peers in extracurricular activities such as sports, theater, choir, and weekly chapel

  • Enrollment in on-campus classes (additional price) when desired

  • Academically and socially relevant classes on campus beyond the scope of the teacher (for example; foreign languages, chemistry, physical education, advanced mathematics, and sciences) by excellent teachers with a Christ-centered worldview

  • Participation in field trips

  • A high school transcript provided for colleges and employers

  • Graduation diploma from Eagle Heights Christian School awarded upon completion of required coursework

  • Participation with class peers in the campus High School graduation ceremony

  • Participation in our Fine Arts program

  • Use of the library

It is our hope that we can build a partnership with you that is a blessing to your entire family. We recognize your desire and commitment to educate your children in accord with the scriptural principles set forth in Ephesians 6:1-4; we have a reciprocal desire and commitment to help you succeed.

For additional information regarding our homeschool program, please contact the office at (816) 454-7410 or

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